A. Contributory Provident Fund
  1. Director-General - Chairman
  2. Ex-officio Treasurer - Member
  3. A Representative of the Executive Council - Member
  4. Representative of NILERD Employees - Member
  5. Joint Director (Finance) - Member-Secretary
B. Vigilance Division
  1. Dr. (Smt.) A. Kamala Devi, Joint Director : Chief Vigilance Officer
  2. Shri Vijay Kumar Saxena, Assistant Director : Vigilance Officer
C. Staff Grievance Cell
  1. Dr. Rashmi Agrawal, Director
  2. Smt. Gayatri Pandey, Joint Director
  3. Dr. Lalit Latta, Joint Director
D. Women’s Cell
  1. Dr. Rashmi Agrawal, Director
  2. Smt. Renu Lal, Joint Director
  3. Smt. Dipika Sen, Assistant Editor
E. Vishaka Guidelines
  1. Dr. Rashmi Agrawal, Director
  2. Dr.(Smt.) Ruby Dhar, Deputy Director
  3. Shri Gaurav Kumar Singh, Advocate
  4. Smt. Dipika Sen, Assistant Editor
F. Official Language Implementation Committee
  1. Dr Anil K Yadav, Director – Chairman
  2. Dr P C Parida, Director- Member
  3. Dr K S Rao, Joint Director-Member
  4. Dr Lalit Latta, Joint Director- Secretary
  5. Sh Rajkumar, Administrative Officer-Member
  6. Dr Indra Kumar, Dy Director-Member
  7. Dr Anita Kakkar, Dy Director-Member
  8. Sh Marshal Birua, Assistant Director-Member
  9. Mrs Usha Chawla, Section Officer-Member
  10. Sh Tejpal, Assistant Section Officer-Member
  11. Sh Arun Kumar Computer Assistant, Member
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